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  Running 50F Rich of Peak? (Please Don't!)


Are you running Your Engine 50F Rich of Peak below 8,000'? Sorry, but that is so old school and quite wasteful actually.


Guess what?


Congratulations, your engine is in the Red Box!


Here is the TCM procedure for Cylinder Compression and Borescope Evaluation:


TCM SB03-3


because you're going to need to be intimately familiar with this procedure if you persist in operating your engine at 50F Rich of Peak (the highest pressure and hottest cylinder operating zone).


Hey, don't take my word for it, read Mike Busch and John Deakin's engine columns and look at their DATA.


CSOBs hate to break or abuse expensive components so you'll find me operating my IO470Ls on the Lean and "Green of Peak" side, now >750 hours and all is well with my engines and my oil stays golden brown into the 40 hour zone. Of course if your oil stays a golden brown color instead of being pitch black, that must mean that it is not being contaminated by fuel, combustion blow by the rings or mega heat from the high combustion pressures.


Baron Owner and IA Stuart S. offers the following simplified explanation of LOP operations:


"The combustion event begins with the spark and the peak pressure occurs milliseconds later. LOP adds a bit of time to the event. The higher the RPM, the further past TDC that the peak internal combustion pressure occurs (ICP), resulting in less CHT."


This is another good reason to climb to your cruise altitude at maximum continuous RPM!


Hey, but what the heck do I know about such things???


Read Mike Busch's #59 Article on Leaning


Or, check out this LOP PowerPoint Presentation for a good grounding in why this is the most efficient and effective operating technique for your air cooled horizontally opposed aircraft engine.


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