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  Wheel Well Painting "Porn"


Are your wheel wells looking grimy and tired from years of inattention?


Well, you are not ALONE! Unless you've gotten a premium paint job in the recent past, your wheel wells take the brunt of the dirt and debris that gets kicked up on every takeoff and landing.


Here are some very impressive efforts by Beech Listers on their wheel wells. WARNING: These pictures can make a grown man cry with envy and desire


Brian C.'s story:


It took me most of two months of on and off work.  Cleaning the wheel wells was a huge PITA.  I completely pulled the gear to rebuild the struts, replace rod ends, etc.  This year was my "landing gear" annual.  I'm pleased with the results, but like Ward said, it was a lot of work.  Definitely don't want to do it again real soon.


The previous painter (jetglo in 1994) didn't do any prep in the wheel wells.  Looks like he just randomly shot the gun around in the well. There's paint on the aileron cable (which I gave up on removing). There was paint on the canvas covers.  Paint over dirt, grease, etc. I got it as clean as I could with scrapers, scothbrite, sandpaper, etc.  I was hesitant to use stripper because I didn't want it to get left in crevices, etc. I painted the wells with rattle can appliance epoxy paint.  I've had good success with the stuff before.  It's quite tough, and was a very close match for my white paint.


I blasted all the gear components, etched them with prekote, primed them with epoxy, then painted with DuPont Nason urethane. I think nice, clean gear really make a plane "pop".  It looks sweet, but man, it was a pain.









Here is Bonanza owner, Ward A.'s effort:





Ward adds: "Not sure I'd do this again (actually very sure).  Sherwin Williams Jet Glo and Sherwin Williams primer. $250 in quart paints."



Well guys, we've got our work cut out for us!


This job looks like one that is best tackled over the winter flying months, extended annual or removal of your struts for off-airplane reseal.


If you've tackled this project and have pictures and methods to share Email Me



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