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Download the Google Earth Map File for ADS-B Rule Airspace HERE

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TailBeacon STC Finally Approved & Shipping!



Sample tailBeacon Form 337 pdf HERE


By now we should all be aware that to fly in a sizeable chunk of controlled US airspace, we'll need to equip our birds with an ADS-B OUT system.

Until recently, the costs I had been hearing to buy and install an ADS-B transponder based system was on the order of and in some cases in excess of $5,000 




Thankfully, uAvionix has broken the stranglehold on this high cost method of ADS-B compliance with a series of products that I will affectionately refer to as using "sniffer" technology that "sniffs" or senses your existing Mode-C transponder squawk code and transmits the required ADS-B position info to ATC and complies with all the FAA required signal specs.


Garmin (the folks who arguably have the bulk of the high cost ADS-B transponder technology market) sued uAvionix claiming that uAvionix infringed upon Garmin patents. See the uAvionix Press Release on the lawsuit HERE. Thankfully uAvionix prevailed in securing a Patent for their "sniffer" technology. See uAvionix Press Release HERE.


AOPA reported:


"As you may be aware, Garmin has filed a lawsuit against uAvionix for patent infringement for their patented method for transponder synchronization," uAvonix said in its announcement. "The issuance of the uAvionix patent indicates that the USPTO recognizes there are distinct and innovative differences between the uAvionix and Garmin solutions. While this does not end the dispute, it helps validate uAvionix's innovations."


The first uAvionix FAA certified ADS-B OUT system utilizing this low cost and simple install technology is the skyBeacon. No new transponder! Just a simple nav light housing change and some programming on your smart phone with their downloadable app!


Click the links below to learn more about skyBeacon.





If the skyBeacon footprint doesn't work for you, uAvionix accelerated their efforts to get their ADS-B OUT tailBeacon system FAA certified. As of 11/1/2019, the CERTIFIED tailBeacon is shipping from all the usual avionics dealers.


tailBeacon Bonanza Install Pirep


Below is a pirep with install pics from Bonanza owner Bo H., on his CERTIFIED tailBeacon install.


Before tailBeacon

"Attached are some photos of my install - total cost was $1995 , plus I had a few more things added or done which ran it up a little. All in I am ADSB compliant and have in / out.


Time : 1/2 hour to 45 Minutes.


Paperwork 1 hour, including programming


Setback : the tail cone light cover is - gone - someone will come up with a 3 D print. It sets back a bit and so the end of the TailBeacon butts into the inside of the cone. Looking for a good , cosmetic answer.


Process :


Wait wait wait for approval and delivery. Once arrived we completed the work in about 2 hours time.


Remove tailcone


Remove strobe


ID and cut wires


Cap unused store wires


Re connect the Molex connector with heat shrink tubing

Attach molex


Mount outer ring


Twist to lock the TailBeacon

Fit 2 Allen head lock screws


Try to modify the plastic tail cone— give up and put new screws into the old holes that held the tail cone on.


Pull plane out for GPS signal acquisition


Do programming


Push plane back in


Do paperwork




After tailBeacon




I find it very interesting that the uAvionix tailBeacon installation documentation HERE states that the tailBeacon is 14 CFR 91.227 compliant and meets the UAT transmitter performance requirements of TSO-154c Class B1S. RTCA DO-282B Class B1Ss.




Utilizing the same Mode-C transponder "sniffer" technology, the tailBeacon is similarly installed with the ease of replacing a nav position light housing and utilizing your existing Mode-C transponder.




uAvionix echoUAT*


ADS-B IN & OUT System for $1000 - $1450*




*As of 1/23/2019, the echoUAT is only available in an Experimental configuration.


I find it very interesting that the uAvionix echoUAT installation documentation HERE states that the echoUAT is 14 CFR 91.227 compliant and meets the UAT transmitter performance requirements of TSO-154c Class B1S.


This is the same piece of equipment that provides a valid ADS-B IN and OUT signal for our experimental brothers and sisters to fly their aircraft in ADS-B mandate airspace. This system also feeds ADS-B IN Wx and traffic products to a variety of very popular phone and tablet EFB apps (ForeFlight, FltPlan Go, WingX, et. al.)!


Similarly simple to install by hooking up power and ground and a WAAS position signal (from one of the approved WAAS panel navigators) to the echo brain box OR by buying the system with an external WAAS antenna (SkyFYX-EXT) for $1,399 or the remote WAAS antenna (SkyFYX GPS) for $1,449.


The uAvionix installation manual for the echoUAT is HERE.


It would sure be nice if the echoUAT could be FAA certified for our Beechcraft as it would take a major sting out of the cost of compliance for the ADS-B 2020 mandate and also give pilots/owners the benefits of the ADS-B Wx and traffic products for a very reasonable cost that no self respecting aircraft owner could refuse. Just my humble opinion.........


In closing this narrative on the cost effective ADS-B compliance product breakthroughs that uAvionix have introduced, I would encourage all aircraft owners to give the uAvionix products a closer look for their 2020 compliance plans. Remember, no expensive panel teardown and rewiring for an expensive new transponder and no scrambling around trying to find an avionics shop to fit you in their high dollar queue for an ADS-B transponder install!


FAA ADS-B "Equip Now" Fall 2018 Brochure



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