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  "Spring" Baron Nose Baggage Hinge (Excellent Substitute for Factory Rod)


The "Spring" - IMHO, is the best hinge to replace your aging factory rod in the Baron nose baggage door. AKA "Marine Hatch Spring".


It's only $14.63 (22 October 2019) at Amazon!


My "Spring" has stood up to all manner of wind, unlike the factory rod that lets the door flop around and over the years will widen or bend the hole in the door frame into which the rod end is placed.


A word of caution, do not strike the spring while removing or inserting stuff into the nose baggage compartment. You will get nicely whacked on the head! Don't ask me how I know..........


I like this design because it has plastic mounting ends, so no dissimilar metal corrosion issues when in contact with your aluminum.


Click either Image below to go to the Amazon site to order it.


Approx Weight: 0.25 lb.  Supports: 20 Pounds

SEA Sense Hatch Support


Mounted on my Baron and in high resolution HERE





T.H. Marine also makes a similarly suitable hatch support under PN: HS-1-DP



Dimensions of the Spring placement in a Baron 58 baggage door can be seen above. Click on the pics for a full size picture to see the tape measure more clearly.


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