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  Spinner Repair


Have you dinged a spinner and wondered: "Now how the heck am I going to get that fixed?"


Well wonder no more, here is an experience documented by Beechcraft Maven "Old Bob"



that turned out great with the source he found. Here's his story and the results he got with ASEI


The dent was caused when I ran a glider trailer into it. Since the airplane will be out of service for a while due to the rework for the Auracle and IFD 540 install, I took the opportunity to get the spinner repaired.


I considered taking it to a local shop. No doubt it would have been cheaper, but since it is in such an important spot, I wanted it looked at by someone who does a whole lot of spinners and who holds a certified repair station certificate. Really did not want an uncertified repair. Just did not feel competent to evaluate the work myself as I would have had to do if a non certified shop did the job.


It is the same as I feel about my Stearman. I am legal to do the work and I am getting to know it better, but since I have a very knowledgeable Stearman facility less than an hour away, I take it to them for my annuals. As long as the expertise IS available, I try to take advantage of it when I can.


Sent it to ASEI in Atlanta. I sent them some photos of the dent and they estimated the repair would be around $325.  I sent it on.  Just received it back and it looks perfect. I can find no evidence of where the scratches and dents were located.  Very happy with their work and the price was a lot below the estimate.


I paid two hundred bucks plus shipping. The good guys are at:


ASEI (Aero Support Engineering International)

4975 Clark Howell Highway Unit 2G

College Park, GA 30349

PH: 404 559-1946


Here are the before repair pictures





Here are the after repair pictures:






Thanks for the contribution and the pictures Bob!


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