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  Slick/Unison Magneto Inspection SB3-08



Slick/Unison has issued SB3-08A to address issues with their carbon brushes on their magnetos listed in their SB. Please read it or bring it to your mechanics attention if you have Slick Mags.


Here is another Slick/Unison Service Bulletin SB2-08A


Here is the FAA SAIB CE-08-33


Beech Lister, CSOB Member and K35 Bo owner, Al D., had Slick Mags affected by the SB and with only about    100 hrs TIS, here is what they found:



You can see the carbon buildup on the tab. 



If you look closely at the picture of the brush, you'll see the step-down.


So if you have Slick Mags affected by this SB, get them checked out. The replacement brushes are only about $9.00 per Mag.


By the way, the Slick Master Service Manual calls for their Mags to be removed, inspected and replace any components as necessary at 500 hours. At 1000 hours remove, inspect and replace the sealed bearings.


Thanks Al for this pirep and the hi-resolution pics!



Check Out Aircraft Magneto Service for a Slick 500 Hr Inspection/IRAN!





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