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  Quick Release Seat Pins



So, because you're an "owner-assisted" annual kind of person, each year at annual you pull your seats out to allow inspection of the landing gear transmission and operating mechanism. Sometimes you might even pull the rear seats out.


If you're like me, one of the biggest pains is removing the little bolt and nut (some of the older airframes were equipped this way) that hold the seat stops against the seat rails.



In later years Beech is reported to have used "Quick Release Pins" in this area instead of the bolt and nut, making things quite a bit easier and quicker to remove and replace the seat stops.


Yeah, I know what you're thinking, it's still a PITA back breaker to get the seats aligned on the rails and slid back into position. But at least with quick release pins your back will be saved a little for the task of sliding the seats back onto the rails.


The Beech PN for the quick release pins they use is: BLNC3-11 @ $10.50 on 7/16/2011


The Beech PN for the machined Seat Stop is: 58-530231-1 @ $19.50 on 7/16/2011


Brian M., a 1978 F33A owner, has found PN 98404A011 at McMaster Carr to be a workable quick release pin replacement for his aircraft for about $2 in August 2019:


18-8 Stainless Steel Ring-Grip Quick-Release Pin, 3/16" Diameter, 1-1/8" Usable Length


PN: 98404A011





Some folks have sourced their own replacement pins using these measurements:


Diameter .186

Useable Length 1.404

Grip (wire to ball) 1.040



McMaster-Carr has some nice options in 18-8 stainless steel:





w/lanyard in 18-8 stainless PN: 94975A321 @ $4.08


w/o lanyard in 18-8 stainless PN: 98404A014 @ $1.93



in 316 stainless steel w/o lanyard PN: 95255A224 @ $3.89 




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