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  CSOB Saggy Seat Bottom Solution


Got Saggy Seat  bottoms? Are your seats a Pain in the A$$ on long trips? Is your upholstery in nice shape?


Well, having done a complete leather interior when I got my plane 4 years ago, these are questions I could answer Yes to?


Amazingly, here is what my seat looked like only 6 months (November 2004) after the new interior job when I took delivery of my B55. It did not get better with age, 4 years later. Don't ask why I did not take it back to the shop that did the work!





A friend and fellow Beechcraft owner told me about C&H Interiors aircraft upholstery shop based at 52F. He was having them do a complete rebuild on his Bonanza seats with orthopedic confor foam and was impressed with Wayne's work.


So, I took just my pilot seat to Wayne Caron at C&H and asked him if he could get all the pucker out of my seat bottom and look at the foam.


Within minutes of looking at my seat, Wayne knew what had happened with the original interior job, poor materials selection of the supporting materials and low cost foam. He could tear it all down and rebuild the base to the original Beech factory neoprene style support and put "confor" orthopedic foam into the bottom for a really comfortable ride on my >4.5 hr cross country trips.


He called it 2 hours worth of work and $60 in foam materials. I quickly said, "absolutely, I'm in for the overhaul!"


Two days later I picked up the seat, on time and on budget and was thrilled with the results! I even received all the burn certifications for the materials used in the work. Here is a picture of the seat after C&H's work:



My seat bottom feels so much better, it actually feels like a high quality German car seat, a BMW, Mercedes or Audi level of comfort and quality.


My next trip of 4.5 hours up north was truly comfortable and I'm planning to give Wayne the co-pilot seat sometime in the near future.


So, for only a few CSOB bucks you can really get a very nice seat upgrade for your Beechcraft and eliminate that saggy feeling in your seat! If you're anywhere near the Dallas area you should think about giving C&H a shot at your aircraft upholstery work.



Need more CSOB status you say? Build your own seats up with Confor Foam like Jeff J., from these folks at High Tech Foams or KCH Enterprises:



PS: HERE is the FAA Flammability Testing Requirements in case you want to check your materials.



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