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  Getting Savvy About Maintenance


Get MORE Savvy About the Maintenance of Your Beechcraft (CSOBeech is a Good Start)!






  •  Suffering from sticker shock when your aircraft comes out of annual or other maintenance?
  •  Frustrated when problems still aren't fixed after several trips to the maintenance shop?
  •  Hassled by downtime while your aircraft is in the shop?
  •  Flabbergasted by the stratospheric cost of repair parts?
  •  Unsure what to do at engine TBO or when replacing cylinders?
  •  Intimidated when you run into mechanical problems away from home?
  •  Ever felt like a mechanic or shop had you over a barrel?


Editorial Comment: If any of the above has ever happened to you and your Beechcraft, you should seriously consider Mike's website and possibly even attend one of his seminars or just simply engage him and his team for your maintenance with his Savvy MX service.


He's an avid participant in the Beech List e-mail forum and is enthusiastically endorsed by our ABS organization. He flies a Cessna 310 but we don't hold that against him. LOL!



Don't Let a MILF into your Beechcraft




You ODB (Old Dirty Ba$xxxx)! Well in this case MILF stands for Maintenance Induced Lift Failure.


Lift is created by the wings when airspeed passes over them and the airspeed usually comes as a result of the thrust created by the engine. Therefore, an engine failure, it could be said, leads to a Lift failure. LOL.


This is a take off on Mike Busch's Savvy Aviator Article #53 which deals with what Mike calls, "MIFs", maintenance induced failures. See Mike's "MIFs" article HERE and his whole series of Savvy Aviator Articles HERE Just join AVWEB to view them, it's CSOB Free!


Anyway, don't let any of these Aviation MILFs into your airplane, the other MILFs are OK!


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