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  Need Instrument Repair or Overhaul of Tough to Repair Gauges


Do you need a difficult instrument repair or overhaul?


If so, these shops have gotten excellent pireps from Beech Listers and I have used Rudy Instruments over the years and been very pleased with quality, service and price.


Rudy Instruments has tackled tough jobs like the Baron Dual Vacuum Gauge.


Rudy Aircraft Instruments Inc.
4711 Old Bowman Rd.
Rudy, AR 72952
Phone: 479-474-8759
Fax: 479-474-3306
Ask for Mike McIntosh





Here is an actual pirep from Mike F. regarding the repair of his S35 Fuel gauge at


Keystone Instruments:


All of the gauges are separate and taking them out is relatively straight forward. The 3 screws on the plastic edge light panel secures the tray that holds the instruments. The edge light panel is held on by the bulbs. Take out the bulbs left of the flap switch, take out the three screws, and pull the edge light panel as far forward as you can with the left vent knob pulled out. That will give you access to get to the gauges.


You get the gauges out by unscrewing the posts in the rear. Best access is through the engine compartment removing the plate from the firewall. One little trick worth noting....the gauges have a tongue on the left edge (facing the gauge) that tucks behind the right side edge of the gauge immediately to its left. You will need to loosen the gauge to the left to be able to wiggle the one you want out. Be very careful. It is easy to damage the gauge next to the one you are working on.


Keystone Instruments

320 Proctor Street

Lock Haven, PA 17746-9527

(570) 748-7083


I sent it on Monday, they received Tuesday morning, had it back to UPS that evening and I had it Wednesday. Fabulous service. Call them before you send it and call them again when it arrives. Talking with the guy who was going to work on it made all the difference.


Air-Parts of Lockhaven also fixes them, but they told me it would be 2 - 3 weeks turnaround. There is no love lost between Air-Parts and Keystone, but both seem to do good work. I sent my fuel senders to Air-Parts and got very good service. I tried Keystone because of the turn around difference and was quite pleased.




Per Baron owner Sven L.: your airspeed indicator will look and work like new when he's (Terry Alderdice) done.






Air-Parts of Lockhaven is reported by Paul M., a well known Beechcraft A&P in the Dallas area, to be a great instrument repair resource.


Another of Paul's favorite instrument repair sources is: Instrument Rebuild in Sequim, WA run by Paul Malkasian 360-683-6245. They are one of the few shops that repair Bourdon tube type instruments and can make a thermistor for the old Stewart Warner CHT and oil temperature gauges.



Here is a great source for electric tachometer repairs. He has gotten several high praise pireps on tachometer overhauls:

Steve Toman - Instruments Inc. of Wichita

Email Instruments Inc.




Dave R. of Annapolis, MD reports great results on his A36 fuel gauges & circuit boards here:


I used John Wolf (440-942-0083) to rebuild the gauges themselves. I was very satisfied. They came back when he said they would and looked and operated perfectly. Cost was $155/gauge + shipping.


John Wolf & Co

36420 Biltmore Pl

Willoughby, OH 44094


The circuit boards themselves are available rebuilt from John Birks (309-686-0614).


Birks Aviation Products

3520 W. Saymore Lane

Peoria, IL 61615


Per John Collins: The printed circuit boards have a screw for adjusting the full reading on the gauge. With power off the needle should drop to zero or slightly below. John likes Air-Parts of Lockhaven  for his gauge repairs.




Need Fuel Gauge Circuit Board Repair?





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