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  CSOB Parking Ramps for OSH Grass (or other fields)



Here is an OSH original idea from Cessna C-182 owner Steve W.


Sure beats trying to get the plane up on plywood squares


He thought other Beech owners would be interested and he was right!

He sold them to a Beech Bonanza V35-B guy who to helped him pull his 182 out into the lane -- he'd just arrived and was setting up camp in Row 525 prior to moving his Baron over.


"It was so easy to pull my plane out.  When he saw my blocks, he asked if he could have 'em.  They cost me about $7 apiece at Lowes, but since they were "used" and a little muddy I let him have all three for $10.  He was a true CSOB."


That's the spirit folks - Cessna and Beechcraft folks sharing the OSH experience and helping each other!



These ramps are nothing more than downspout splash blocks available at Lowes and other home improvement stores. Heck, the pricing ranges from $4 to $7 each and this one looks to weigh 1.3 pounds.


Here is another potential source at about $8 each:





Click HERE for an option @ $9.63





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