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  My Favorite Baron Luggage


Here's a bag that I've been using for years in the nose baggage compartment of my B55. It's a perfect fit. Also, If you and your passengers use this same bag, you can fit three of them in the rear baggage compartment behind seats 5 and 6. Be sure to confirm the Weight & Balance of your flights.



I've used this 22" Travelpro Rollaboard for nearly 5 years for commercial and private travel and it is indestructible! It's far from Wal~Mart priced (prox $140), but the durability and full featured expandability make it a great CSOB value, IMHO.





Weight & Balance Spreadsheets


Need a B55 W&B Excel Spreadsheet? Click HERE.


Need a Travel Air W&B Excel Spreadsheet? Click HERE


Need an A36 W&B Excel Spreadsheet? Click HERE


Need another style of A36 W&B Excel Spreadsheet? Click HERE


Need a Bonanza W&B Excel Spreadsheet? Click HERE


The above spreadsheets have been publicly uploaded to the Beech List by the respective participants. YOU, the owner/operator/PIC, are completely responsible for insuring the accuracy of your W&B calculations. By downloading these spreadsheet aids, you agree that you are fluent enough in MS Excel to insure their accuracy for your airframe.


Do NOT even think about using any of the above spreadsheets until you confirm that it yields the same results that your POH calculations yield!