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  Legacy Mechanical Clock Repair Resources




Got Legacy Mechanical Clock Woes?

For many of us who have and love the legacy mechanical clocks of yesteryear, despite the gentle care we have given them, they may have stopped working.

Below are some sources known to have the skills necessary to bring our legacy clocks back to life.


Here is what Bonanza owner, Larry G., has to say about Miller Clock Service:

Miller Clock Service & Sales in Oshkosh, WI.  Their store is on Koeller Street about a block north of Target, in a little.  They have a booth at AirVenture, too.


The clock repair guy is Jeff.  Hes fixed 2 of em for me.  Ones in my plane.  Its a Mathey-Tissot chronometer out of a King Air.  Certified chronometer, not an 8-day aviation clock, but same form factor.  Mine needs winding about every 36 hours.  Its a magnificent instrument.  Work of art.