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  Better Overhead and Nav Lights with CSOB LED Headlight


A great way to mount overhead lights that are really effective, low cost and easy to install.



See pics of my CSOB Cockpit Overhead LED Lights HERE. These lights are pretty common headband lights available from Wal~Mart, Home Depot and Ebay. Prices range from $9 to $17 each.


Powered by AAA batteries so no big deal if they get left on and no connections to ship's power.



Here is another lighting mod that taps into the overhead light with a string of high intensity LEDs




Just source yourself some high intensity red LEDs from your favorite electronics store and place them into LED holder fixtures. Solder them in series, connect an appropriate resistor and connect to the overhead lighting voltage source and ground.


Click through 4 Pics starting HERE.



Here is another variation on the overhead LED light theme done by CSOB Greg G.




Looks like a great CSOB cockpit lighting solution and having the red LED light in the same unit is a great bonus. Way to go Greg!


Here is Greg's narrative:


My early V35A doesn't have any overhead light besides the dome lamp over the rear seats so I'd been on the lookout for something that could illuminate my clipboard better than turning on the dome light, turning up the panel lighting to 11 and/or clenching a flashlight between my teeth. Used a clip on book light for awhile but it didn't quite work out as well as I'd hoped.


I bought an inexpensive headlamp from a sporting goods chain a few months ago. Turns out it's a later version of the one Mike Caban used to supplement his overhead light, made by Dorcy. One big difference is the current version has both a *very* bright white LED, but also has a more standard brightness *red* LED. Uses 3 AAA batteries in a cassette.


What I've done is to mount the headlamp using 'industrial strength Velcro' to the near-vertical surface just aft of the overhead eyeball vents. Folded up, it nests up between the vents; folded down, it's aimed right at the clipboard mounted on my dual yoke and the red LED is a near perfect brightness. The two minor changes I made were (1) removing the hinge screw and turning the forehead piece 180 degrees to improve the fit, and (2) scraping off the thin black closed cell foam pad.


The velcro applied to the headlamp is on the side that is meant to be against one's forehead... that's been turned 180 degrees.



Click HERE for the link to the $23 Dorcy LED light Greg used.



Click HERE for an LED Nav Light Pirep from Debonair owner, Adam Y.


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