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  DIY Beechcraft Jacking Adapter


Have you lusted for one of those $85 or so jacking adapters for changing a tire or tube or lubricating your bearings?


Well lust no more CSOBs. Here are the dimensions for making your own Beechcraft Jacking Adapter, contributed to CSOBeech by Larry O.



I do not have a material spec for this piece, however, Larry reports using a high grade of steel and others have reported using "black pipe" material available from many local hardware stores.


Use appropriate material selection caution and be sure the material you select can support the loads your axle will apply. Additionally, always keep all limbs and equipment clear of any weight being suspended from any jack.





Below is the CNC milled and turned jacking adapter creation by Bonanza owner Scott H. prior to being Cad plated.



Click HERE for another option as seen below for a Beechcraft jacking adapter solution from Bogert Aviation.

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