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  CSOB Headrest Replacement


Got CSOB Headrests?


No headrests in your Baron or Bonanza seat back holes? Measure the distance between your hole centers and visit your local auto U-Pick It salvage yard for a nice set to match your interior or take the frames to your upholstery shop for recovering. Here is my B55 seat measurement. Looks like just under 8" center-to-center.



The mid-90's Nissan Sentra/Altima ft my seat backs nearly perfectly.


See my install below. Pretty good color match? It works for me!



Here's a DIY headset making procedure submitted by V35A owner, Jason Morford:


When working on an upholstery project on another bonanza we owned, it had no headrests, only the holes in the top of the seatbacks. I tore apart one of the headrest from my newer project and found that the headrest was made from about $5-10 of parts.


All that is needed is:


(1) Approximately 3' piece of aluminum tubing (dimension measured to fit in the holes, 3/8" sticks in my head)


(2), 4 MS291919-DGx Adel clamps


(3) a small piece of 0.032" aluminum to make a plate


Using a tubing bender, bend the tubing into a upside down "U" to fit the seat with at least 6" sticking up


Next, cut the piece of aluminum to approximately 1/2" larger than the "U" and bend a 90 degree angle on it for strength using a brake.


Secure the tubing to the plate with the Adel clamps and the bends facing the tubing


Cover with foam (thickness as required) and upholster to match. Trim bottom of tubing to fit as required...


It's a easy and prefect project for a CSOB!


Thanks Jason and welcome to the CSOBeech Club!



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