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  Low Cost Hangar Tug


Click through the album HERE  to see the mower tug pictures on how I converted my old lawn tractor to a CSOB Hangar Tug.


Why Spend over $1,000 for a tug device? Craigslist is filled with serviceable lawn tractors that can be pressed into service as an airplane tug.




A simple bolt arrangement or a standard hitch ball can be mounted to the rear mower plate.



Simply weld some structure on the front of the tractor and mount a conventional hitch ball to it and then purchase a tow bar with ring attachment, like the Redline S-1 Vehicle Adapter (shown below in anodized)






Below is a Craftsman hydrostatic tractor conversion. I have had a good experience with both belt clutch and hydrostatic driven tractors. Your results may vary. If the belt clutch model you are considering has an aggressive bite to clutch engagement, that could prove to be too much jarring of the entire drive system. You decide.





If you are more inclined to have a multi-purpose vehicle for sport utility, here's a thought from Baron owner and Beech Talker, Bill T. who pressed into service a Honda 4-Wheeler



For a more deluxe battery powered portable Tug that weights 22 pounds that you can easily take on the road with you, you've got to see the Redline Sidewinder!



Here is a pirep contribution from Travel Air owner Jeff W., who added a light to his Mower Tug for night push back ops!


"Putting the airplane away at night is a hassle - I can't see my painted lines because the lights on the car just hit the white airplane. So I added a light to my lawnmower down low where it shines underneath the airplane. It's one of those things that is so simple I can't believe it took me 20 years to do it."






Here is a pirep contribution from B58 owner, Larry O., who has a CSOB DIY design for his tow bar:










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