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  GAMI Injectors (~ 15 to 20% Lower Fuel Consumption Running LOP)



IMHO, every CSOB Aviator should have a set of GAMI injectors AND know how to use them! I have found my GAMIs allow me to smoothly and effortlessly achieve "Green" of Peak operations on my IO470L engines.



A great product design, great people and great service. After you install your GAMI injectors, you do a flight and perform their Lean Test (listed on the left side navigation bar of their web site). Send them your data and if necessary, they will send you a replacement injector or injectors to zero in on the best balanced flow that your engine can deliver. That's how it worked for me, contact them and find out for yourself. 580-436-4833 or 888-FLY-GAMI.


Check out this LOP PowerPoint Presentation created by Advanced Pilot Seminars for a good grounding in why this is the most efficient and effective operating technique for your air cooled horizontally opposed aircraft engine.




Excellent Lean of Peak Video by Bonanza Owner Martin P.







                                  Left Engine IO-470L                                                                     Right Engine IO-470L



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