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  Max Your B55 Fuel Economy / In Flight Pics of 162 KTAS on 16.4 Gallons/Hour


A very wise and experienced Beechcraft Owner & Beech Lister, aka Old Bob, has suggested that flight at best L/D airspeed (or Best Glide in your POH) times a factor of between 1.1 and 1.2 will yield nearly the optimum in fuel mileage efficiency. I have found his guidance to be true in my B55.


Here are some examples of power settings that I have used for maximum range/economy NM/gal in my B55:


Usually 8,000' to 12.000'


17" to 19" MP


2100 RPM


7.5 to 9.0 gallons/hour per engine


Usually in the range of 128 - 138 KIAS


Calculated TAS is usually 150 - 162 KTAS


NEWS FLASH: Recent 700nm Trip at 9.3 gph/side, 2100 RPM, 19" MP (Full Throttle), 12,000' and OAT 11C.


I achieved 172 KTAS with these settings on this trip!



See Pics of Actual in-flight Power Settings at 10,000'/8.2 gph per side/12C that yielded 162KTAS HERE (Click thru 4 pics)
















































Read Mike Busch's #59 Article on Leaning


Your results may vary, but with these days of >$4.00/gal avgas, I'm getting fuel mileage improvements anywhere from 15 - 25% with the above power settings vs. WOT (wide open throttle), 2300 RPM and 10.5 - 11.5 gal/hour with 178 - 185 KTAS!


Here is a P-Baron L/D Curve (the normally aspirated versions may be similar with a slight shift to the left - don't quote me on that).



Oh sure, I am "punished" by having to spend an extra 3/4 hour or so in my plane on my long trips. Get a Portable DVD Player and make the time in your bird that much more enjoyable LOL!