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  Great CSOB FREE Flight Planning Tools



A Pre-Flight Planner with a Great Weather Summary for Any Route You Define. Weather, Charts, Fuel, Food & Lodging, and FAA data for all airports along a route!


Flight Planner courtesy




airports Aviation Fuel


In my humble opinion, AirNav is the Best On-Line Fuel Price Planner & Airport Info Source




Here are links to another Fuel Planner, developed by Beech Lister, Don S. These planners organize the fuel by corridor distance and fuel price (low to high). Check them out, you might like the format.

Fuel Stop        Fuel Trip



NACOmatic: Free IAP pdf Downloads


Get FREE PDF IAPs at NACOmatic, created by Doug Ranz! An organized PDF download of the NACO approach plates, AFDs, SIDs and STARs HERE.


Please, do the right thing, leave a small tip in his tip jar for each download if you like his product.

 $10/month IAP Downloads for Sony Reader


My personal favorite choice for an electronic IAP Solution


See the CSOBeech Narrative HERE Free IAP pdf Downloads




Visit their Download Page HERE


See the CSOBeech narrative HERE


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Free IAP pdf Downloads for Kindle DX Thru August was the first to provide approach charts specifically formatted for the Kindle DX. This site was also the first to provide the page index lookup scheme.
In addition to approach charts, provides free A/FDs as well as a selection of freely downloadable FAA publications (including the current Federal Aviation Regulations, fully Kindle-ized for both the standard Kindle as well as the Kindle DX).
Visit to see how they differ from the other plate providers (e.g. live updates via the Kindle's Whispernet access, automated file manager, etc.)



Here are some questions I put to and their responses:


How will the $0.15/mb download fee impact an AIrBrief user?

Regarding the $0.15/mb fee from Amazon, that is only for "LiveBriefs". These are the on-demand airport books users can generate that are sent directly to the Kindle via Whispernet. While the cellular network is great and gives you access without having to find WiFi, it is a bit slow for downloading entire TERPs volumes. So, the full sets of charts are downloaded from our website to the user's computer and then to the user's Kindle via USB. There is no charge associated with the specific downloads




How will the downloads be priced after the free period?

Small monthly subscription allows unlimited downloads of everything AirBrief offers
How long will the free period last?
The introductory period will run roughly through August
What will be the service cost after the free period?
The subscription fee has not yet been determined, but suffice it to say, we do intend to keep it VERY affordable.
Even after the introductory period has ended, users may register for free and download any or all of the A/FDs without charge as well as any of the FAA publications we have formatted for the Kindle.





A Kindle offering that allows full navigation and also a PC software program that allows pilots to keep their approach plates synchronized (without requiring a download of all of the plates each time).  Both of these are free, I believe the kindle files are the first of their kind.





  • Approach plates have full menus
  • The entire US will fit on a DX
  • Bundled by Volume


Visit NACOSync for more info and downloads.



Currently this service gives you plates for the airport identifiers you load. I'm told they are working on a "corridor" feature that will give you all the plates for a flight between two identifiers and a defined corridor width.


You will receive an email to your registered email address with your pdf file consisting of all the plates you selected. For example, all the plates for DTO and ATW were a 9MB file.


Check out their Checklist Download Option!


Maybe one day they will offer Beechcraft checklists?


PS: Did I say it was currently CSOB FREE!



Federal Aviation Administration


FAA NACO Charts Download HERE


Buy the FAA Charts DVD HERE




Approach Plate Download Software: FlightKit


"FlightKit provides an easy and intuitive mechanism for downloading approach plates from the internet. Simply enter the departure airport, destination airport, and a course width, and FlightKit will provide you with a list of all plates from all airports on that route. Select the plates that are of interest to you, and they will be downloaded to your computer. Voila! It's that easy."


I have used it and it works nicely. My personal preference currently is to use ReaderPlates for $10/month on my Sony Reader, however, you could have all the IAPs from the $14 NACO DVD on your CSOB Tablet PC and the plates for your departure, destination and usual alternates in hard copy paper with you in the plane. (Pssst, ReaderPlates will give you a complete monthly IAP download subscription for $10/month! See the CSOBeech details HERE)


Screen Shots


Step #1 - Route selection screen

Step #3 - Approach plate selection screen

Step #4 - Folder selection screen


Download FlightKit v0.12 HERE




Approach Plates


In My Humble Opinion, the Best FREE On-Line Flight Plan Filer


I've been using for several years to file my flight plans and download approach plates for my trips and am extremely pleased with their service and their web interface. Their weather is an FAA approved alternate source of an official briefing.


I love's Approach Plate Interface. Just put the identifier in and all the plates are displayed, check the ones you want and they are "compiled" for you so that they can be printed in one print queue. Very NICE feature!


You can even see your "expected clearance" in your flight plan just after files your plan and many folks report this is just exactly what they get from ATC! This makes loading the GPS up or briefing yourself on the DP before engine start a literal snap. They have also added a "Fax the FBO" feature that will automatically fax a form to the FBO of your arrival with your info and requested needs!



Thank you!


Click HERE to Check Out this Awesome FREE Approach Plate Compiler. You get IAPs for any Identifier then select any or all of them to print them all at once or download them all to your computer!


Click HERE to Check Out this Awesome FREE Airport/FBO Directory that you download and place into your Pocket PC/Crackberry/PDA or Cell Phone. This find is courtesy of Beech Lister Jeff R. based at KMKO.



  • The Flt Deck Airport/FBO Info Guide works on Windows Mobile, Palm Treos, and the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, and 8800 Series

  • The Flt Deck Airport/FBO Info Guide works on Laptops and most EFBs

  • The Flt Deck Airport/FBO Info Guide will now work with BlackBerry’s Pearl, Curve, and 8800 Series with an SD Card.


        An Awesome Flight Tracker and Aviation Resource


    This is a flight where the CSOB XM Weather Box was really handy and I used LOP 2250RPM/20"MP/11,000'/20.4 GPH/6C/148 KIAS for a TAS of about 180 KTAS no need for my maximum range operating procedures with >30kt tailwinds and ground speeds in excess of 200kts. Landed severe clear in KATW with over 50 gallons remaining (136 gallons useable).



    FlightAware Airport Information


    Size of font determined by number of airports in state or territory.


    US Customs & Border Protection

    Info & Links



    Private Flyers Guide                                           APIS (Advanced Passenger Information) Guide


    Aircraft Status Declaration Guide





    Are you registered for eAPIS yet? The current eAPIS system is up and running on a voluntary basis until May 17th, 2009. After that it will be mandatory to file your manifest 60 minutes prior to your departure for arrival into or departure from US soil.


    By the way, APIS stands for "Advance Passenger Information System".


    If you take trips out of the US in your Beechcraft, you'll need to get very familiar with this newest level of CBP "security". You will also still have to make your arrival ETA phone call to the Customs office at your arrival airport for clearing Customs at your arrival airport in the US. 


    Here is the CBP statement about APIS:


    Attention Private Flyers: The Advance Information on Private Aircraft Arriving and Departing the United States Final Rule requires that pilots of private aircraft (or their designees) transmit notices of arrival and/or departure and traveler manifest information to CBP electronically a minimum of 60 minutes prior to departure through eAPIS or another CBP-approved electronic data interchange system.

    Once the rule becomes effective on December 18, 2008, persons seeking eAPIS Private Aviation accounts should expect enrollment responses within five (5) business days.



    Log in or Create a New eAPIS Account HERE


    I feel more secure already, don't you???? Get yourself registered and up to speed with these training module links:


    Introduction to eAPIS


    Enroll in eAPIS


    Submit a Notice of Departure


    Submit a Notice of Arrival


    Upload a Manifest


    Review CBP Responses



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