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  In Flight Pics of 162 KTAS on 16.4 Gallons/Hour


OK Folks, here are some settings that I use to maximize my range and keep fuel costs low.


10,000'/8.2gph per side, 19"MP/2150RPM/­137KIAS/12C. My TAS was around 162KTS for a whopping 9.5 nm/gal. Not too shabby for a B55, IMHO.


Everyone is usually quite familiar with their high performance envelope. In these days of >$4.00/gallon 100LL, isn't it nice to know what the economy end of the envelope looks like?





OK, so I let the altitude go 150' over assigned. Good thing it was not an ATP checkride, LOL! You can just about make out the 137KIAS airspeed while I'm at my range extending cruise burn of 16.4 GPH and running the aux tanks to empty.


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