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  Fiberglass Tip Tank Repair Source Pirep


The following pirep is provided by Greg G. of California as a possible source for fiberglass tip tank repairs.





Yankee Composites, at Lampson Field (1O2) in Lakeport, California, is a repair station specializing in composites and glider repairs. They are apparently quite familiar with fiberglass tip tanks and have repaired a number of BDS tanks in the past. Highly recommended to my A&P by a local FAA inspector, apparently knows from past experience the materials the BDS tanks require and even if they didn't, could figure it out by inspection.


The tentative quote for the repair is about a week and $800. Given the cost to expertly repair that tank at YC is a fraction of the cost of a pair of new tanks from D'Shannon, I think the following is appropriate for CSOB inclusion;


Fiberglass tip tank and other composite repairs:


Yankee Composites

800 Sky Park Road # C

Lakeport, CA 95453-9364


(707) 263-5030


I have found A&P's who would be willing to do the repair and sign it off, but an inexpert repair might not be permanent. I think these guys can do it right the first time.



Thanks Greg!




The following narrative was provided to CSOBeech on 1/20/2011, by D'Shannon's consulting engineer, Dave B. regarding fiberglass repair of D'Shannon tip tanks:


The liability position that D'Shannon would find itself in if it arbitrarily inserted itself into the repair process is not acceptable to D'Shannon. Also, the current D'Shannon was not the manufacturer of the older 15 to 17 gal Beryl D'Shannon or 20 gal Genesis Aero tanks in field use and which are no longer available. All customers, including those of the predecessor companies, are welcome to contact the D'Shannon Tech Support Manager (800-291-7616 or 763-559-5998) for information on material and resins. However, the possibilities of repair are left to the repair station which has undertaken the task. D'Shannon can not and will not recommend repair stations, and since we don't repair tanks, our only option is to sell replacement tanks. In the case of a current tank, we have supplied single tanks to customers who have damaged one, and in the case of obsolete tanks, we have supplied new 20 gal pairs of redesigned tanks without the fuel pump package to customers who choose that route. A customer receiving a pair of new tanks is getting an updated version with improved drag characteristics, electrical bonding, fuel fittings and materials.


D'Shannon is not in a position to evaluate or endorse the capabilities of any particular fiberglass repair facility, however, we are certain that a mechanic on site with the airplane would be able to make that determination and is sanctioned by the FAA to make such a determination. If someone chooses to go to YC or any other fiberglass repair facility, the aircraft owner is still responsible for having the tank properly repaired and have it logged as airworthy and approved for return to service by an A&P. The above mentioned repair does seem to represent a viable alternative and a good value if a mechanic finds the repair acceptable, and for some of D'Shannon's customers it may represent a good choice.


A BIG thanks to Dave for taking the time to give CSOBeech this background info!


Thanks also to D'Shannon Aviation for being a great supplier

of Beechcraft upgrades & modifications.




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