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  Faceplate Facelifts & Reconditioning


Do you have decades of faceplate abuse on the avionics items in your panel?


If so, here's an example of what can be accomplished to spiff things up. This facelift is courtesy of Aircraft Engravers, an excellent source that I have used for some of my panel placards and a Beech Lister recently used them to refurbish his Century III auto pilot selector face pictured below.


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Before Faceplate Facelift:



Here is the same faceplate after Aircraft Engravers faceplate is installed:



The replacement faceplate is a pressure sensitive adhesive "appliqué" that is printed to match the original graphics and is applied over the face of the instrument. Some sanding of the old black paint is required before application of the appliqué.



Here is more of Aircraft Engravers work on a Bonanza fuel selector faceplate.




Here is the project on my Century III. I am thrilled with how easy this was to accomplish and the great looking results, but I'm a little biased. Judge for yourself and if you're as impressed as I am, get cracking to spiff up your old faceplates!


The top picture shows the original faceplate and the Aircraft Engravers pieces below.




This is the original faceplate after complete sanding with 220 grit sandpaper on the face.




This is the template placed into position on the original faceplate. Precision in placement is key. Getting exact alignment to the edges is optimum. The Aircraft Engravers template I received was an exact dimensional match from what I could see.




Here is the "face lifted" console plate in position. I placed ROLL/HDG/ALT/PITCH placards on my buttons because the top graphics are obscured by my radio overhang.




Here is the "face lifted" console with backlit illumination




The above shows you the adjustment screws that live behind the Century III faceplate.



Here is what B55 owner, Brad H. accomplished on his Century IV Flight Director console faceplate at a TROPHY SHOP! WOW, look what $10 got him! CSOB kudos to Brad for his tenacious sleuthing and spiff up of his panel graphics.




By using a translucent white back with pressure sensitive adhesive backing and a black face the trophy shop was able to give Brad an excellent replacement piece that would allow light to come through the graphics of the mode selected.



Wayne at Aircraft Engravers produced my "Alt Out", "Radar Altimeter" and Gear and Flap Speed placards for my panel. I was very pleased with the service, quality and price.


See Aircraft Engravers' complete faceplate listing HERE.





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Tip from Dallas CSOB Ken R., if you are spiffing up your KX series Nav/Coms, tape over the black face paint and then use some nail files to buff up the exposed/raised metal trim edges.



Here's another great source for faceplate and electroluminescent panel refurbishment and repair.


Air Capitol Dial


Beech Lister Eric T., reports a great service experience and pricing that was a savings over his RAPID quote:.


(877) 269-2483


CSOB Warning: They are really, really proud of their work!



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