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  Useful FAA Links (Is that an oxymoron?)



Federal Aviation Administration


FAA English Endorsement


FAA Flight Standards Document Library


FAA Airmen Certification


FAA Medical Certification




FAA Handbooks & Manuals


FAA Acronyms & Glossary




FAA FAR Library


FAA AD Search


FAA Part 91 PDF Library


FAA AC 43.13.1B PDF Library


FAA Airmen Certificate Search (You Must Enter Info About Yourself First)


FAA Examiner & IA Search


FAA AME Search


FAA Registration Data for US Aircraft (Just Plug in N-number)


All FAA Registration Search Criteria


N-number Background Check


Airport Compliance Handbook - Order 5190.6B (22MB Download: Know What Your Airport CAN & CAN'T Do)



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