Because Owning And Flying Your Beechcraft Can Be Done Safely AND For Less Money!
  Dreading Your Upcoming Annual? Bring Savvy MX's "Bodyguards" with You!



Savvy MX

Brought to you by the same guy who created the Savvy Aviator Seminar, Mike Busch.


If you dread what your mechanic will "do" to you (and subsequently your wallet), at annual time or really aren't sure that all avenues of repair are being considered (meeting the criteria of legal, safe AND cost effective), then you may want to check out the services now available to piston aircraft owners from a star-studded team of maintenance technicians.


Check out for all the info on this service.


Put these stars on your team and get Legal, Safe AND Cost Effective repair assessments and guidance for your mechanic to consider. Bonanzas run about $750/year and Barons are $1,000/year. See what it costs HERE. In some of the annual horror stories I've heard, the amount of their fee could easily be saved in one repair alternative opinion.


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