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  Beechcraft Door Window Install Tip



Here is an incredibly cool "secret" door window install tip from Kevin O., Beechcraft Maven and parts guru and sponsor of the B2OSH Margarita & Pizza arrival party at OSH each year:


"a little secret on getting your door to work well fit the glass and drill the holes for the screws--place proseal and then window--BUT before you tighten anything down--close and lock the door--then tighten up the screws--when the proseal takes a set--it will hold the door in the correct position for a nice tight fit."


It's guru tips and stuff like this that pays big dividends over time on these vintage door components that can already be 30 or 40 years old!


PS: Kevin recently experienced a cracked window in his door from sub zero temps just visited upon the Oklahoma countryside. Here is Beech Lister, Stu B.'s, watch out regarding acrylic window installs and super cold temps:


Acrylic sheet has a high coefficient of expansion and contraction which is dependant upon temperature. A windshield installed in warm temperatures will shrink as the temperature drops. If the mounting holes were drilled too tight, the material can contact the mounting screws and if there is a notch, in the edge of the hole, the material will crack.


Chamfering the holes can avoid the notch but not the crack depending on how much stress is being applied. Acrylic becomes more brittle as the temperature drops. If the windshield is formed at a too low temperature, trimmed with a saw that locally heats the material too much or installed improperly can cause internal stresses in the material which also reduces it's strength. Internal stresses can be visualized by viewing the formed part between polarized plastic material. The higher the stresses the darker the patterns will appear.


Here is another tip: Pro-Seal Remover click HERE


And yet another tip for drilling holes in acrylic aviation plastic - Use acrylic drill bits like this to avoid putting a notch in the plastic (which can lead to cracks down the airway). Available at most big box stores in the hardware department.



Still hungry for more window install info? Check out this array of articles written by Dennis Wolter of Air Mod fame HERE



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