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  Baggage Door Seal & Emergency Window Seals


Are your baggage door seal or emergency window seals showing signs of decades of wear and compression? The original compound selected and many replacements are conventional rubber based products.


Gee Bee has developed AM-3304 silicone replacements for these seals. Black seals are OEM and Grey are Gee Bee's silicone offering (early Beech is flat seal and later models are round):



Small Baggage Door Silicone Seal 75.00

Large Baggage Door Silicone Seal $95.00

Early Flat Seal # GB-S152

Later Model Round Seal # GB-131483X84


Emergency Window Exit Seals $120.00/pair


All Shipped with Clear Silicone cement

Email or call Guy (800-556-3160) to place an order


PS: GB likes to use a fine brass brush to remove old cement.



Here are some adhesive removal thoughts:


  • Beware of using MEK, it can soften and remove paint and in high concentrations the fumes can negatively affect your plexiglass windows.
  • Boeing has begun using a replacement for MEK called Citrasafe. Info HERE and HERE
  • Toluene and "Goof-Off" have been reported to give good results as has 3M #08984




Here are more thoughts from Guy on seals:


  • The cleaner the surface the better for adhesion


  • Lifetime warranty with the Silicone seal


  • No Color change, no change in durometer (will not harden over time)