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  Curtain Replacement Material Source


Are your 40+ year old Beechcraft curtains falling apart? Gee, big surprise!


If you like the nostalgia of those curtains, here's a contribution documented by A33 Bonanza owner Stan S. on how he replaced his aging curtains with new seat material from Airtex.




Stan's Replacement Curtains




"This is for those who have curtains in their airplanes. Our curtains were so old they were falling apart. I couldn't find any suitable fabric in any fabric shops, and there is the flammability issue. I asked the Airtex people at Oshkosh if they had curtain fabric, they don't. But they do sell fabric for seats. Turns out one of their seat fabrics looked just like our existing curtain material, and after Oshkosh I arranged for them to send me a sample.


My wife's 83 year old aunt from Decatur, Illinois was visiting when the sample came in and she offered to sew up new curtains, thought it would be suitable, although a little stiff. I had Airtex send her two yards (their yards are 54 inches wide) of material and she made new curtains from the old ones as samples, and they fit perfectly and, although a little stiff, do give the pleated appearance when pushed to the sides of the windows and look just like our old curtains.


Two yards was marginally enough, there was almost no fabric left, suggest 2 1/2 yards of the 54 inch wide material if you are going to make new curtains. click on "Samples" to see their fabric.


Or download their pdf Fabric Selection Catalog HERE


We used Duraweave Premium DW-18 Vanilla, something like $29.00 a yard. The Airtex staff told me FAA in some weird logic will not permit Airtex to provide a flammability certificate fabric only sales, but will for a seat set. But it is the same fabric they use in their certified flame proof products."



Way to go Stan! Thanks for the contribution.


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