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  6-Conductor Coiled Cord w/Panel Receptacle



Got a panel makeover underway? Want to take full advantage of your audio panel Com 1 and Com 2 Flip and Com features to flip flop frequencies and to have ident of your transponder all at your fingertip on the control wheel?


These features are typically available in your audio panel, COMs and transponder by simply applying a momentary ground connection to a pin in the avionics component mounting tray. A quick glance at your avionics install manual or pinout wiring diagram will reveal which pin can activate the feature.


You run a ground connection to an appropriate switch and the switch carries that momentary ground connection to the appropriate pin.


Here's how I set up my OTTO T5-0055:



IDENT or PTT - Push Down

A/P Disconnect - Push South

COM 1/2 Audio Panel Flip - Push North

COM 1 Freq Flip - Push West

COM 2 Freq Flip - Push East


An OTTO T5 switch like the one above can get you a plethora of control features at your fingertip on your control wheel. See the OTTO T5 spec sheet HERE. Combine a switch like this with this coiled cord & panel receptacle and you're all set.


Simply solder your connections to the back of the receptacle and place the receptacle into your panel while connecting the corresponding control wires to your switch. The 12" long coil stretches to about 42" in total length.