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  Bonanza Battery Box Refurb



Is your Bonanza battery box starting to look soggy and soft from some nasty battery acid encounters over the years?


Are you hearing replacement box quotes in excess of $500 or more?


Well, here is a repair made by N35 Bonanza owner Paul S. to his soggy battery box that could be just what you're looking for to get your box back into airworthy shape again.


Here are Paul's steps:


1. Removed battery box, soaked in baking-soda-saturated bucket full of water overnight.


2. Sand blasted entire box


3. Used 2" fiberglass multidirectional weave and aero-poxy on the bottom


4. Coated entire inside of box in thin coat aero-poxy painted inside & out with acid-proof paint epoxy


Epoxy -


Fiberglass -


Paint -


5. Neutralize firewall area with water & baking soda solution then wash with water







Here are Paul's results:






So if your battery box is looking shabby, consult with your mechanic on the "repair" potential and use that $500 or more that you might have to shell out for a new or serviceable battery, to buy some 100LL and fly your airplane more!


Bill H. adds that going to a "sealed" battery after your refurb will prevent the acid blues in the future. I have heard though that the "sealed/RG" batteries require more regular usage/flying to maintain a decent service life than the old school lead acid batteries. PS: Paul installed the sealed battery after his refurb and reports flying his N35 every week.


Personally, I use a pair of the Concord CB-25XC lead acid batteries



and a Marine Battery maintainer/charger whenever I'm in the hangar tinkering and I have 4 years now (4/2009) on these batteries with no sign of poor performance as yet.



Thanks again Paul for the battery box refurb contribution!



No hope of salvaging your Battery Box you say?


Well here is Stan's solution for his 35-A33 Bonanza........he went the whole enchilada with a stainless steel battery box from:


Hammock Aviation




Stan's plan is to go with a Concorde RG battery and get himself an aviation Battery Minder while their 40% OFF SPECIAL Trade Up Promo is underway.




A great CSOB move Stan!




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