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  Wing Bolt Cover aka Bathtub Fitting Repair


BATHTUB FITTING CLIP REPAIRS: Have you broken one of your wing bolt cover clips after decades of removal for annual inspections of the wing bolts? Well, if you have, here are some pictures of a repair done by Bonanza owner John F. on how he "repaired" his clips and riveted the repaired clips back onto his covers.


Essentially, he fabricated new clips and riveted them onto his covers. At annual it would be a good idea to insure that your clips are robust enough to last another year so that you don't have your covers fly off. These are reported to be difficult to find and could be fairly pricey.







This is a great project for when you've got the wing bolt covers off for some other maintenance items.





Bonanza owner Rob H. offers the following pirep in his quest to source the clips to repair his wing bolt cover s or bathtub fittings


"Just talked with Jeff at Avstat who is very knowledgeable on Beechcraft and here's what he said:


Clip 35-105005-4 is the outboard one and $56


Clip 35-105005-6 is the inboard one and $38


If you need both then the whole door might be the way to go and that is, $110"



See the wing bolt page HERE for info on the all important wing bolt and the controversy surrounding their replacement.



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