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BAFFLE SEALS: Do you still have hot cylinder head temps in cruise?



Are your baffles in good shape? If not, why not?


Call Guy Ginby at Gee-Bee Products 800-556-3160 for new silicone baffle seals that are an exact fit for the Beech factory baffles.


I installed a set and they are a fantastic fit. You'll have to pull the staples out of the old ones and pop rivet the new ones into place. Gee-Bee's dies have the rivet holes in exactly the same place as where the factory cleco holes were placed.



This is a great project for when you've got the baffle seals off for some other maintenance items. Gee-Bee even has a nice landing gear door seals kit for the main landing gear doors.


See my Gee-Bee Baron baffle kit Click Thru 6 Pics Here.


See the positioning of B55 Baron baffles around the oil cooler HERE



Guy adds the following tips for installing wing to fuselage seals:


I suggest soap and water in place and let dry and use 1300L with toluene if they are EPDM rubber, these are much heavier durometer and harder to install. I ship the upper and lower seal together in one box with clear silicone cement as my material is silicone, lifetime warranty will never fade or get hard or turn brown, making for an easier installation.


Here is how various shops install :


Soap and water in place, let dry , mask off with painters tape, apply a coat of silicone cement under lip portion (use a nylon squeegee or spatula) and mask down with a 3' wide painters tape for 12 hours to cure


The silicone cement is clear and is two part , 300 lbs per inch strong


You will notice all the grey seals (silicone) on the new models


I hope the surface underneath is very clean ?


We sell over twenty sets per month and I have never had a seal returned...


Get a complete set of seals for your Beechcraft from Guy Ginby, PN: AMS3303, includes:


Tail or Ruddervator

Upper & lower Wing

Main landing Gear Seal Inner and outer ( located under the wing channel )

Nose Gear Door anti chafe Seal

Cowl door anti chafe


Guy Ginby

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