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  My Beechcraft Anti-AOG Spares Box


What's in your anti-AOG Box? You know, that little box of things you carry in the plane to insure that tough to source items are on hand when they decide to go Tango Uniform on you in the middle of nowhere on a trip with family passengers!


Some people's anti-AOG box is as simple as a credit card - not this CSOB! Why get tagged for full list price of a part AND the inconvenience of Next Day Air shipping and another day of hotel, meal & car expenses?


Of course, none of us CSOBs can carry around every possible thing that can possibly fail, but here's my little shoebox full of goodies that could get me out of some jams.


It weights about 15 pounds and easily fits in the rear baggage area.






Here's the contents of my box:


1. O-rings for my Brake Caliper pistons, hoses & bleeder valves (You know that sick feeling you get when you see a little red ooze under the caliper area on the ramp?) With these lightweight puppies on board, it's just a couple hour delay at worst. Also add a set of o-rings for your specific fuel caps. Fuel streaming out of the top of your caps in flight can dramatically reduce your range and trash your fuel planning calculations. Check out some of the latest Fluorosilicone O-Ring PNs HERE


PS: Don't forget to have a little bottle (8 ounces should do it) of 5606 tucked away with your extra engine oil, fuel tester, Dzus Tool/screwdriver, etc.



2. Serviceable Master Relay. (You know that sick feeling you get when you turn the Master Switch on and do not hear that comforting "click" or "thump" of the relay closing? Or that sick feeling of turning the key on that freshly changed starter and hearing no noise and not seeing the propeller blade move?) The kind with a continuous duty rating that could be used as a starter relay too! Double duty CSOB thinking here!





3. A New or Serviceable BZ-R31 / MS25026-1 micro switch which is used on up and down limit flap actuation circuits on the pilot side flap. These are also the same switches used for up and down limits on the landing gear transmission housing under the pilot seat. Brand spanking NEW this switch is $26 HERE  How would you like to have the flaps not go up or down on a trip due to this $26 switch going TU? Talk about "a dollar waiting on a dime!" Here are some lower cost sources of this switch: CSOB Source of BZ-R31 HERE Only $14.28!!! Or you can get the BZ-R31 for $8.23 if you buy 5 from Allied Electronics HERE. HBC is reported to have them for about $9.28




4. A serviceable mag switch for your airplane. I carry one because if one of my switches goes TU, this will be a pretty expensive item for me or the mechanic to source in a big hurry! Do you know the PN for your mag switch? Might be a good thing to look up one of these days and pick up a serviceable one to carry in your anti-AOG box from one of these salvage sources.




4. A couple of New or serviceable spark plugs for my engine in the event of mega plug fouling or just plain old plug failure. Check out the CSOB plug of choice HERE, the BG-341





5. A set of brake pads. These are 66-44 pads. You're on a trip and you or some very sharp eyed mechanic or Beechcraft owner notices your pads are really thin. Uh Oh! can I really risk those short fields I was planning to travel to on this trip? Not to worry, toss some new pads on and in an hour, you're ready to rock n roll!




6. OK, here comes the heavy artillery now folks! A mini SkyTec starter. These things are lightweight (6.5 pounds), easy to carry units. I just use one of these things as a lightweight "throw-down" in the event my full size TCM unit ever goes TU. Find a serviceable unit on eBay for a deal. 




7. A serviceable magneto for my airplane. Because when you do that mag check on your trip far away from home base, you know that sick feeling you get on a Sunday when you go to a single mag and the engine DIES ! This insures that you have something a mechanic can put into service and get you home without a day delay and a big Next Day Air shipment charge.




8. A couple of serviceable CBs of amp ratings appropriate to your equipment.




9. A spare/serviceable fuel cap AND a set of o-rings for same, because if one of mine goes TU, you're not feeding any engine for very long without that cap "down and locked". Or you get to watch your fuel stream out from the top of the cap (past aged and or cracked o-rings) due to the vacuum created by your phenomenal Beechcraft airspeed.



10. Another heavy artillery item is the spare/serviceable boost pump. If you have an injected engine I think you'll have one heck of a time getting your plane started without fuel boost at startup.



11. A spare Nav bulb for your voltage and fixture configuration.



12. A spare Tow Pin because, if the line boy snaps your pin off, having a replacement pin is the least of your worries ! At least you can get tugged around while they deal with evaluating what damage they might have done to the nose gear and steering mechanism.


Here is the lowest priced Beech Tow Pin source I've seen.


Whether you need 60-820029-1 or 35-825106, RNL has it for $20 each. If you find one for less, please let me know.



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