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  My Favorite CSOB ANR Headset



The 20XLc or 25XLc units, IMHO, are the best value in a ANR Headset. The 25XLc is no longer made but there's a nice bounty on them for trade in toward their 30-3G unit.


The XL frames are not as robust as other manufacturers so handle with care is my recommendation. However, whenever something broke, Lightspeed Tech Support was excellent and sent me what I needed to change out the broken part or took the unit back and sent me a completely overhauled/new one in return. 


Service like this will put me in a Zulu one of these days.


Thanks Lightspeed!




The XLc models are equipped with a stereo music/IPod and cell phone interface port in the control box, a nice feature if you do not have a modern audio panel with audio input capability (like the PS Engineering and Garmin 340).


News Flash: I traded up a 20XLc and a 25XLc to 30-3Gs and WOW, what a great upgrade (Sold my units on EBay and found good deals on the 30-3G units). Softer on the ears, quieter and bass/treble boost for my XM Music.


See Lightspeed's Trade Up Program details HERE for a factory new trade deal.



30/3G $350.00 + mail in of your 30/3G Order Your Zulu Trade Up Now
20/3G $450.00 + mail in of your 20/3G Order Your Zulu Trade Up Now
XL Series: 25XL, 20XL, 15XL / Mach 1 Series $550.00 + mail in of your headset Order Your Zulu Trade Up Now
Any Other Lightspeed Model
(Excludes OEM and reconditioned products)
$650.00 + mail in of your headset Order Your Zulu Trade Up Now



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