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  Beechcraft Capacitor PN: 36-3034-0001 Info

This narrative comes to you as a result of a find A36 owner, Mike Ter., made on BeechTalk regarding an obscure capacitor required to be fitted to his 100 Amp TCM Alternator. This PN calls for a drawing and a provided capacitor assembly and is reported by Mike Ter. to sell for $1,900

Below is a picture of a letter from Continental Product Support that discusses the part and the issue it is designed to solve:

Below is the materials list that the drawing (PN -0003) calls out for you to build this item in the field:

Click HERE for Mike Ter.'s dropbox link for the drawing and images of the parts.

To legally install this field manufactured capacitor (instead of buying the seemingly NASA priced $1900 version), you MUST purchase the drawing PN: 36-3034-0003 from Textron/Beechcraft. The drawing is serialized and comes with a sticker for your logbook.

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the community Mike!



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