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  Check Your Wheels & Tires Regularly


As I was winding down from Oshkosh 2009 and placing some of the spiffy new tire pressure stickers I got from Desser Tire on the gear doors of my B55 when I spotted this line on my wheel that I had not seen before. It turned out to be a 2 inch long crack in the wheel casting!


This is a Goodyear Type III 5 x 5 Wheel. Possibly the original 1965 part with about 4,300 TT.


Can you imagine this coming apart on the takeoff or landing roll? Let's NOT!





Here is a picture of an A36 main wheel that had a bad day.





Here is a picture of an insidious INNER crack on a nose wheel found by an anonymous Bonanza owner doing a close inspection of his wheel assembly.





The morale of the story for me is:


1. Continue doing cursory inspections and checks of these little things while I'm tinkering in the hangar.


2. Use my annual wheel bearing greasing activity to completely remove the tire and tube from the wheel to thoroughly inspect for these insidious types of cracks in these decades old castings.


3. Routinely checking my tire pressures before trips (during pre-flights) will cause me to give a good look of my wheels, calipers, brake hoses, etc.


Remember what Mario Andretti says: "Check Your Tires" and wheels!


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