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  Keeping Rodents & Birds Out of the Airplane & Hangar


Got Rodents?


If you even think you might have a rodent problem and your plane sits unattended for very long periods of time (my definition is two weeks or more), then you really should consider some form of rodent control measures.


Here's a contribution from Beech Lister and N35 Bonanza owner, Paul S., that uses a simple roll of 10" roof flashing material found in Lowe's or Home Depot. Paul reports that a 20' roll will do three tires.


At about $10 for the material it's CSOB approved!





Here's a close up of the seam that you'll need to make


Or make hinges such as these, made by a Beech owner







CSOBeech visitor Fritz purchased a Beechcraft Bonanza and found out the hard way why you need to open up your floorboards every year for annual and not get a "pencil whipped" annual treatment. That is as nasty a landing gear arm as I have ever seen!





Don't let your Beechcraft become a victim of the "Rat Patrol"! And, while you're at it, get some anti-corrosion lube in there!


For more anti-Rodent measures click HERE



Got Birds?


Here's Paul's bird control source, he calls it a "set & forget" Bird Spike system from Bird-B-Gone



If you've got rodent or bird control measures worthy of CSOB acclaim please E-mail me with the details!