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  TCM Sandcast Engine Oil Cooler Baffle





Are you suffering from pathetically low winter oil temps in your front-mounted oil cooler Continental Engine?


If so, you are not alone. I've seen the metallic tape solution over the oil cooler and I've even seen the "winter baffle" kit produced by the Beech factory way back in the day. The winter baffle kit is reported by the GAMI/TAT as having a detrimental air flow cooling effect for the cylinders. This leaves the best choice for raising overall winter oil temps to be some small blocking of the oil cooler in deep cold winter temps.


Below are some dimensions of an aluminum plate (0.032" to 0.060" or so), that with your A&P approval, can be fabricated for winter ops.





Warmer oil temps (within the green range of course) will greatly aid the burning off of corrosion causing moisture build up in your oil.


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