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 KLX135A Internal Memory Battery Replacement





Does your KLX 135A GPS/COM internal memory battery need replacing? Is it unable to locate itself quickly upon boot up?


Well, this could be a sign that it needs a new internal memory battery.


See below pirep on how CSOB Beechcraft owner Pat B. got his internal battery changed out and saved some major CSOB bucks.

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The battery is reported to be a TL-5135, a 3.6 volt, 1.7 Ah wafer cell with 3 pin PCB mount.




Available at Newark HERE for ~$12


Available at MDS Battery HERE for ~$14


Available at Battery Specialists HERE  for ~$15



See the TL-5135 Data Sheet HERE


See a Battery Cross Reference Sheet HERE



Here is how Bonanza owner Pat B., got his battery changed out in CSOB style:


Attached are two pics of the unit opened up-- #1 is top cover where shield has been removed from circuit board showing where Tadiran TL-5135SP lithium battery is located.



Pic #2 is complete unit with cover opened but ready for return to service, attached to harness and shield installed over the circuit board.



I removed every shield in the unit, one by one, looking for the battery--naturally no luck until last one--in the top cover turned out to be the one with the battery. After I uncovered it, took a look at the circuit board and decided I would ask a professional to change the battery. Took it to local avionics shop--they replaced battery, charged me a nominal fee of $40.


This is first one they had done and said they hoped no more!! Turns out there are components near by on the reverse side of the board, very fine leads in printed circuit, and finally found battery cemented to board!!


Thank'd my lucky stars I hadn't had the guts to proceed by myself!! So job finished--battery in two days from Newark for about $12 including shipping and $43 with tax for avionics shop!!


Great decision by Pat to take this to a professional shop for the final removal and replacement. Doing all the leg work and sourcing the battery saved him a good lot of 100LL dough!


Nice work Pat!



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