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  Beechcraft Hangar Cam


Have you experienced hangar pilferage? Had your hangar burglarized? Avionics stolen? Gas stolen?


Well, I've never experienced this but if I were worried about such a thing, I'd consider placing one of these Trail Cam's in my hangar in "stealth" mode. Most of us do not have internet access in our hangar so a live internet fed camera is not possible.


This battery powered Bushnell 5MP cam has night vision IR capability and is video capable and can last from six months to a year on a set of AA batteries.










This Bushnell Trophy Cam does a nice job at night with it's IR capable video. This would be a great way to catch the crooks in the act!





This tip comes to CSOBeech by way of Yves S. in Europe.


See some on Ebay HERE


See it at Cabella's HERE


Thanks for your sleuthing and sharing with the community Yves!


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