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  Gee Bee "Reinforced" Silicone Rocker Box/Valve Cover Gaskets*


*Product is not currently FAA/PMA approved, so consult your

A&P/IA for guidance regarding installation and use on certified aircraft.


Reinforced Silicone Valve Cover Gaskets







PS: Yes, I put the washers under the cap screws




Guy recommends 25-30 in/# torque as plenty snug with the fiberglass reinforcing


 0.093" thickness


Non-reinforced seals are typically .125" thickness


Reinforced silicone valve cover gaskets from GeeBee have fiberglass reinforcing to eliminate squish found in UN-reinforced silicone gaskets. This enables bolt torque to be maintained and keeps the gasket from moving away from the clamping force.



6 x $9.00each = $54.00



6 x $12.00each = $72.00


48 x $0.60each = $28.80


Dipstick Gaskets (3/32 or 0.125") 6 for $15.00





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