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  Gee Bee Bonanza Firewall Access Seal*


*Product is not currently FAA/PMA approved.

These are made by ID/OD and Length according to "Owner Produced Part Rules".



Bonanza Firewall Access Seal: Replace that raggedy 30-50 year old seal!






Includes Ensolite Closed Cell Soundproof Seal w/Smooth Back




Includes clear silicone cement and barge cement for the

Ensolite soundproofing.

Cut to your Owner Produced Part specs - $127.50



Early Bonanza Battery Box Seal




Includes clear silicone cement.

Cut to your Owner Produced Part specs - Call for Pricing)



Bonanza Battery Box Duct



Cut to your Owner Produced Part specs - (Call for Pricing)


14v 9.5 long


24v 8.5 long


24v 5.5 long


All sold with clamps


Includes one alloy flange to improve airflow 28% percent


This is obtained with no grommet to reduce airflow restriction





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