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  Gee Bee Beechcraft Engine & Brake Lines*


*Product is not currently FAA/PMA approved, so consult your

A&P/IA for guidance regarding installation and use on certified aircraft.


Beech Landing Gear Stainless Steel Brake Line Replacements







Early Bo Brake and Hose Lines (shown above-note tubular gear supports)




Here are the mid-year short brake lines





Here are the long lines installed on a B55 Baron.



Later Year Gear (note longer brake lines)



Later Year Gear (note long brake lines)



304 Seamless Aerospace grade tubing


New adapters and milspec silicone clamps included


$275/pair SS Brake Hardlines

Three versions:


1. Early Gear is tubular support structure


2. Mid Year Gear has shorter drop (3.5") brake lines


3. Later Year Gear is longer drop (9.0") brake lines


Please specify which version gear you need


Suggest changing brake line hoses during landing gear O/H or new brake hoses

Made to Order (Call)










Beech Airframe Brake Line Hose Kits (FREE Reservoir Can w/Kit)

Includes Master Cylinder Hoses

Teflon Brake Master Cylinder Hoses (Set of Four) $375




Beech Lower Brake Line Hoses


This is a great project for when you're doing your annual or gear rigging or pull those struts out for refurbishment.




Engine Hose Kits




Engine Hoses


Sizes -2 thru -12


All Colors


Med Blue-Maroon-Brown


Teflon w/Clear Shrink



Fuel Injection Hard Line Grommets



Black & Red in Stock, other colors in a week


Hard Line Clip & Grommet Kit Click HERE - Set of 6 for $35.00





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