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  Gee Bee Engine Baffle Seals*


*Product is not currently FAA/PMA approved, so consult your

A&P/IA for guidance regarding installation and use on certified aircraft.


BAFFLE SEALS: Do you still have hot cylinder head temps in cruise?



Are your baffles in good shape? If not, why not? There's no excuse for high CHTs that are known to reduce cylinder life.


Call Guy Ginby at Gee-Bee Products 800-556-3160 for new Baron or Bonanza silicone baffle seals that are an exact fit for the Beech factory baffles.


I installed a set and they are a fantastic fit. You'll have to pull the staples out of the old ones and pop rivet the new ones into place. Gee-Bee's dies have the rivet holes in exactly the same place as where the factory cleco holes were placed.








 60 Amp  7.50


100/130 amp  9.50




This is a great project for when you've got the baffle seals off for some other maintenance items.


See my Gee-Bee Baron baffle kit Click Thru 6 Pics Here.


See the positioning of B55 Baron baffles around the oil cooler HERE


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