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  Gee Bee Adhesive Guidance



Silicone Adhesive Application Guidance




This pirep on the use and application of GeeBee silicone

adhesive comes from Shep J.:


"I was told to mix the entire can with the entire bottle of catalyst but I wasnít going to do them all at once. I could never get an answer as to the ratio for small batches so I came up with my own method that seems to work fine.

I went to a Starbucks and swiped a bunch of large and small wood stir sticks. Then I went to a froyo shop and made off with a stack of sample cups. You canít pour the adhesive without making a mess so I dip the large stick into the can and while holding the little cup over the rim let the glue drain into it. I do this a few times until the cup is about half full.

Then I use the eyedropper to draw in catalyst until it is about 1/8 full and thatís my ratio because it seemed to be about the same ratio as what a full can of adhesive would be to a full bottle of catalyst.

Iíve done this many times and the adhesive gives me about an hour before it seems to start setting and the seals are extremely well adhered. I use a fine angled artist paint brush instead of the provided acid brushes for better control.

Cleanup both the brush and eyedropper with Toluene so they can be reused.

No mess and no waste."


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