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  Early Bonanza & Baron 55 Throttle Mounted Gear Warning Switch Components



Bonanza Throttle Warning Switch


This tip comes to CSOBeech by way of Bo owner Jim H. Jim has identified the micro switch and lever arm that actuates the gear horn when you pull the throttle  and DO NOT have your gear down.


The switch is a V3-1 aka MS25253-1 and the lever arm is a JV-5, both available at Allied Electronics at CSOB prices!


V3-1 Switch, Landing Gear Warning - Found at Allied Electronics for ~$7.25


View the V3-1 Datasheet HERE


View the drawing of V3-1 / MS25253-1 HERE


Jim confirms this is workable on the A to G model Bonanzas but ALWAYS check your parts manual to be sure of fitment.



JV-5  Actuator Gear Warning Switch - Found at Allied Electronics for ~$15.00


Here is what happens to an actuator roller after decades of use in a 1961 P35 Bonanza. Image courtesy of Scott L.



View the JV-5 Datasheet HERE



The switch activation lever shown below is p/n JV-30 also from Allied cost $49.24. Jim reports he only has one roller on his lever, not sure how the double roller would work..


JV-30  Roller Actuator for Gear Warning Switch - Found at Allied Electronics for ~$49.24 on 3/30/2018

Powell Supply has the JV-30 for $35.52 on 3/30/2018




View the JV-30 Datasheet HERE


Bonanza owner, Tom R., reports that it was a 20 minute job to replace his gear warning throttle position switch and the roller assembly is sold separately.



Baron Throttle Warning Switch


PN: AN3234-2 or MS25253-2 or NSN: 5930005836646 or V3-1003








A Baron owner, Jim A., reported finding a V3-23 switch in his airplane, it appears to be a 15A version of the V3-1003. Note that the JV5 is also listed in the above Baron IPC extract (Item #6) as an actuator. The JV5 is shown for Code 2 in the IPC and Jim A. reports that he has a C55 Baron. On early Barons the switch is mounted on the throttle cable in the center console. On later Barons (like the C55) it is on the throttle body behind the engine. View the JV-5 Datasheet HERE.


Below is a picture of the JV20 actuator arm (Item #3 in the above IPC extract used on Code 1) PN: JV20 available at Allied for $28 or JV20 at OnlineComponents for $25 on 3/30/2018.



Thanks to all for your sleuthing and sharing with the community!


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