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  Dukes, Weldon & Facet Fuel Pump Info


If you have a Baron or Travel Air with fuel injected TCM engines, it's likely that you have a 24V-28V pump manufactured by Dukes, Inc. Fuel injected Bonanzas are also fitted with 12V Dukes electric fuel pumps and the earlier ones may use a Weldon pump.



Here's a Dukes 4140 Boost Pump



Here's their contact info if your pump ever needs servicing or overhaul:


Dukes Inc

9060 Winnetka Avenue

Northridge CA 91324-3235

Tel: (818)-734-4370

Fax: (818)-734-4372




A Beech Lister reports an overhaul ran him about $500 a few years ago and his pump was returned within a few days. We are now hearing price quotes for overhauls of nearly $1,000 for these pumps! Heaven help us!


HERE is a pdf from RAPCO on their pump overhaul




NEWS FLASH 10/28/2012:


Dukes has appointed Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA) the exclusive rebuilder/overhauler of their pumps. This has skyrocketed the price for overhaul and exchanges of these pumps to something reported on the order of $1,000 overhaul and about $1,400 exchange! See the Press release on this very sad news for us owners HERE


Do NOT DESPAIR! As of this writing enterprising Bonanza owner Spike C., has identified a viable alternative to what amounts (in my opinion) to predatory pricing on this key Beechcraft component.


Here is Spike's pirep on his find:


"I just stumbled across this; they have an ad in Trade-a-Plane, but it is not high profile. From there, I came across (some kind of search I did) a price list, showing the $400.00, and I assumed it was outdated, because the pricing is much like that you'd routinely find from others just a couple of years ago.


When I called Bob, he confirmed the pricing and assured me that, because his overhaul procedure is one they developed and secured approval for independent of Dukes, the price was assured. Aeromotors is a Repair Station, and they work on a lot of big, grown-up airplane bits.


Also, should add that, when I encountered a self-induced installation obstacle (and no, I will not say what it was, just that it was silly and embarrassing for one who foolishly believes himself to be mechanically competent), Bob was readily available on the phone to clear up my confusion.


Based upon the quick service and fair pricing, I intend to tout Aeromotors, and hope that their shadow may only increase."



Here is the Aeromotors info:


Aeromotors LLC has an approved alternate procedure and their own parts for $400! WAHOO!


See their website and Dukes pricing HERE scroll down to see the Dukes PNs


Aeromotors, LLC

304 E. Murray Street

Browntown, WI 53522

Phone: (608)-966-3141

Fax: (608)-966-3143



On 3/25/2013 I spoke with Bob at Aeromotors and he confirmed at that time the 4140 Series Dukes pump repairs were indeed $400. However, the 4150 Series on the Baron (with the second stage solenoid) are $650.



Here is a pirep from Bonanza owner, Paul S. of NY:


A recent experience with Aeromotors for the same pump in a C206 was frustrating, at first.

They do not take credit cards or wire transfers.

Sending the old pump with a personal check was OK, but next day delivery is NOT even available to them.

The rub began when the "serviced" pump did not meet spec upon installation.

They required full payment to send another unit.

(did I mention no next day service or electronic banking?)

In the end though, more time than desired to accomplish, Bob Bohn got on the phone to troubleshoot the Cessna installation, flow settings with resistors, etc....

End result being we know more than we ever wanted about how the pump was designed and that in the Cessna installation, the Aeromotors pumps acts a bit differently.

Highly knowledgeable with quality work.

Good to have choices.




Stay tuned to this page for possible reports of a Weldon Pump PMA'd alternative. Weldon pump pricing seems to remain a low cost alternative to the now VERY COSTLY Dukes pumps used as OEM in many of our Beechcraft.


Here is a picture of the 4150 Series Boost Pump in my B55



A note about boost pump removal in the wing - USE JACKS & TAIL WEIGHT to support the airplane while you open the inner gear doors with your manual crank (clockwise). This will allow you the access needed to effortlessly work to remove the pump. I suggest you not even think about cranking open the gear doors with the WOW (weight on wheels) since the nose linkage will likely come off "over center" lock and you risk a nose collapse or worse with you or your mechanic under the plane!



Here is an old pirep on Dukes service from Beech Lister Mike T. (before the "exclusive rebuilder selection". How things have changed for the worse for us users of the Dukes product ! :


A boost pump on my Baron failed late Wednesday afternoon. Someone on the list suggested I call Dukes. I did and reached a cheerful and competent woman who explained Dukes could overhaul my pump for $550 (with a five-day turnaround) or I could go the OH route for $600. I took the second option, and the replacement pump was shipped the next morning. It couldn't have been any easier.


(Surprisingly, Dukes' prices were less than the few independent shops I had checked, although in this particular instance I wasn't squeezing my pennies very hard; the aircraft wasn't flyable.) Highly recommended, as the movie reviewers say.



Here are some service bulletin documents and overhaul kit numbers. Note the requirement to convert your older pump to nylatron vanes. HERE is the Mandatory Service Bulletin.

Click the below images for full size images:







Weldon Fuel Pumps

(fitted to some Bonanza Models)



Repair Source Pirep

Bob Bejni

RLB Accessory Service

630 543-9213

971 N. Babbitt Ave

Addison, IL 60101



Here are some pics of the Weldon pump and it's installation in early Bonanzas.


The angled fittings have not been removed. After they are off, the pump can be moved aft and up and out.  Note the fuel pump is located on the outboard side of the fuel selector assembly, not underneath.






Weldon Pumps are also Repaired by Aeromotors. Check HERE and scroll down to see if your Weldon Pump is listed.


Another Beech List pirep from Beechcraft Owner, Mike T. suggests for Weldon, to check out

CJ Aviation, a shop in south Florida. "I bought a Weldon pump from them years ago and was happy with the transaction."



Osborne Tip Tank Fuel Pump Pirep


Per anonymous Beech List contributors on 1/13/2017:


"I had one of my pumps fail to pump a couple of years ago and after landing I got it working again by slapping the wing pretty hard where the pump is mounted.


After I got home I did some trouble shooting and discovered it had quit working again. These pumps are standard automotive pumps made by Facet, the older ones had points to make them pulse and pump, the current ones have an electronic pulse device that is much more reliable. If you remove the pump from your Osborne tip tank installation, you will find that the Facet PN has been removed from the mounting tab and replaced with a sticker from Osborne.


The Facet PN for the older pump is 40131 and it is no longer being manufactured. The replacement pump with the electronic pulse device is #40131E. It is reported that this particular pump has an anti-siphon feature to prevent siphoning from the tips into the mains when the pump is turned off.



Don’t ask me how I know this but it is available from any auto parts store like THIS for about $82. Use your own judgment with your mechanic on replacement.


Also, any time you plan to use tip tank fuel, as part of your pre flight you turn the pumps on briefly to be sure they are working. You can hear them clicking from the cockpit if the engine is not running. Do not run them more than a few seconds or you will pump fuel out of the main tank vents.



Click HERE for info on the Facet fuel pump filter which lives under the twist-on base and be sure to service it regularly so as to be sure no water is allowed to collect in the cap which will for sure corrode it from the inside!"




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