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  Baron 55 Crankcase Vent Tube Watch Out





The above engine 1, 3, 5 cylinder rear intake tube disasters were discovered during an annual inspection. The cause of the damage is the result of the engine installers NOT reinstalling the proper Adel clamps on both my IO470-L engines after install! But not having them since purchasing the plane, who was to know any different until seeing the hole in the intake pipe during an inspection. Having a buddy with a properly configured set of Adel clamps, he was able to show me why I had the problem!  



Below is the proper Adel clamping standoff strategy to keep this from happening to your intake tubes. You will need a size 36 Adel Clamp for the intake tube and a size 14 or 15 clamp for the crankcase vent tube.




And below you can see the results of an ace welding "repair" job in the event this happens to your tubes before you catch it.






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