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  Low Priced Aviation Oil Sources



As the price of flying our airplanes continues to increase, it becomes increasingly important for us to implement cost reduction measures in much the same way as we do in our businesses to remain viable. Finding lower cost suppliers for the consumable commodities that we purchase just makes good CSOB sense!


This page will be devoted to highlighting sources of low priced aviation oil, certified for use in our piston engine aircraft. Typically, the shipping costs of a case of oil really bumps the price of the product up significantly. Many CSOBs have found local sources throughout the country that offer attractive pricing without the shipping costs!


Are you still tossing the keys to the maintenance shop for your Bonanza, Baron or Travel Air oil changes? Paying $X00.00 for an oil change for $70 - $80 worth of stuff per engine? How's that working out for your flying budget?  A fellow might be able to buy 25 gallons of 100LL for the incremental cost of a maintenance shop oil change, but what the heck do I know?


The FARs allow owners to perform the oil change maintenance item. Click HERE for a narrative on how you might get started.


Click HERE for Mike Busch's Oil Changes Article


Please email me with any low priced aviation oil pireps using the link below:


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Sam's Club

4150 Beltline Road

Addison, TX 75001 (About 1 mile from KADS)

(972) 934-9274


AeroShell 100W 12 Qt Case @ ~$60.00 + Sales Tax


Date of Pirep: 10/8/2011

(PS: This is a $12/case increase from January )



Double C Oil Distributors, Inc
1628 West Crosby, Suite 109
Carrollton, TX 75006
Business 972-323-0120
Mobile 214-797-7601
Contact: Corky ( tell him Ken Reiter referred you )
Phillips 20W-50

1 case 12 quarts -> $47.25 before tax

1 case 4 gallon containers   -> $55.28 before tax

Date of Pirep: 10/20/2010

They will also sell by the 55 drum as well.





East Side Petroleum, Inc.
1160 Meriwether Street
Griffin, GA  30224


AeroShell 100W @ $55.00/case. 

They also have ethanol free gas @3.09/gal
Date of Pirep: 12/09/2010





Canyon State Oil



Click HERE for their Locations

800-894-3304 | 602-269-7981

800-894-7773 | 602-271-9888


AeroShell 100W @ $59.00/case including tax 

Date of Pirep: 3/23/2011 - Brandon E.



Here is an e-tailer with seemingly decent case prices, however, shipping of about $20/case can be a possible buzz kill you decide................




Happy CSOB Skies!




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