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  Beer2OSH 2009

2nd Annual Beer2OSH event!


Monday Evening - 7PM 25th July 2009



Get Pumped for Beer2OSH 2010 with this Slide Show!






OSH 2009 Pics


Old Bob and Larry O. are surely in there somewhere!


Designed to enhance the camaraderie and liquid libations enjoyed at the infamous annual Beech Lister Margarita Party that is sponsored by Kevin O. after the B2OSH Formation arrival at OSH.


See the Beer2OSH 2008 Highlights HERE


See the B2OSH 2008 Formation Video HERE


This year we will again add exotic "full strength" Beers (not to be confused with any Beer using the word "Light") from Lister parts of the world, to be shared, bartered or traded with others at the Beer2OSH party.


So far, we will have a keg of the infamous Shiner Bock brought by Texas Lister Mike S. Yours truly will be bringing a few cases of Shiner Bock longnecks hopefully to trade again for a Pacific Northwest Lister's Alaskan Amber.


As a special Beer2OSH treat, we'll also be grilling Wisconsin's famous Usinger Brats and locally grown on this Kevin O. donated monster grille.





Here we are in June 2009 giving the grille a test flight in CSOB HQ North in KATW



This was the Monster Grille Purchased by Kevin O. for Beer2OSH II "Service"!





Here we are cooking up the brats and corn in 2009


We'll also have a very good Wisconsin brew, Leinenkugel Red.




Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the B2OSH folks, we will have a completed B.C. Air Budweiser Bonanza to give away as a door prize at the Beer2OSH celebration. Feel free to bring your beer in cans so that potential Beer Can builders will have some free materials <LOL>.


Check out BC Air's gallery of models HERE.






1. All Beer2OSH brews must be consumed in plastic cups that will be provided. So when you crack one open, demonstrate your superior pour skills and serve your fantastic brew in a plastic cup. Broken glass on the ground can be a FOD hazard to people, planes and air mattresses. Therefore, anyone at the Lister Party seen drinking from a glass bottle is subject to a Margarita Fund fine! So please, serve your Brews in cups and immediately toss the glass in the trash cans. Thanks in advance.


2. Although, as originally conceived, Beer2OSH is a "private" gathering of members of the Beech List, we are a friendly bunch and have agreed to share our party camaraderie with other Beechcraft owners who have come to experience the annual OSH pilgrimage. We only ask that you bring a Premium Beer or some party snacks (Chips, Salsa, Nuts, wings, etc.) from your neck of the woods to share with the group or be prepared to make a small DONATION to the kitty jar at the door (Al "D Enforcer" DeMxxxx the Texan from New Jersey will be our "doorman") to offset the party supplies costs! <vbg>


3. If you're planning to attend our Beer2OSH bash and won't be able to carry in Beer or Party Snacks, please consider making an advance DONATION "to the cause" via the PayPal button below.


4. All advance donors of $40 or more by June 30th, will receive a FREE Beer2OSH VIP shirt (with embroidered Beer2OSH Logo) that you can wear to the party (Al "The Enforcer" will also greet you with a smile when you show up empty handed <vbg>), so please include a shipping address with your PayPal donation.

Here is the embroidered Logo


JERZEES® 6.5-Ounce Pique Knit Sport Shirt. 440M

  • 6.5-ounce, 100% ring spun cotton for comfort

  • Welt knit collar and sleeve bands

  • 2-button placket

  • Wood-tone buttons

  • Seamless body with double-needle hem

  • The color oxford is 90/10 cotton/poly

Adult sizes: S-4XL


5. Donations will be used to defray the cost of the Solar Powered Lights, cups and ice that we will have for the evening as well as some of the great beer you'll be drinking (and anything else we can think of to make the party a great event <vbg>)!



Big Thanks to our VIP Donors


  • Joe S. & wife KS. - TX
  • Robert T. - CA
  • Richard S. - WI
  • Doug G. - CT
  • Chris S. - CA
  • Jim B. -  CA
  • Adam D. - NJ
  • Daniel C. - LA
  • John B. - LA/TX
  • Derek dB. -  MD
  • Joe S. - OH
  • Paul D. - CT
  • Alan W. - CT
  • Ed B. - MI
  • Paul S. - NY
  • Don S. - CO
  • John W. - NM
  • Glenn O. - IL
  • Elliott S. - MA




Please bookmark this page for additional info about the Beer2OSH II gathering as it develops.


If your state, territory or country has a great brew, feel free to bring some to share with the group. Email me to let me know what you'll be bringing and I'll post it here!



Beer2OSH 2009 Brews


California: Jamey C.



Indiana: Bob S. II


Texas: Mike S. & Mike C.


The Shiner Keg is Ready for Beechcraft Transport

in Mike S.'s A36



Wisconsin: Mike C.


Canada: Marc C. 



Wisconsin: Glenn O. (Sprecher or New Glarus)


New York: Paul S. 




Utah: Anonymous 




New Mexico: John W.




California: Stan S.





California: Ernie








Beer2OSH 2008 Brews


  • Alaska: John F.


  • New York: Cameron D.   Ithaca Nut Brown 


  • Texas: Mike S. & Mike C.  


The Shiner Keg is Ready for Beechcraft Transport

in Mike S.'s A36




  • Texas: Ken R. (some "Texican" Beer <vbg>)  



  • Wisconsin: Mike C. 



  • Canada: Marc C.   



Our goal is to expand Beer2OSH participation each year!




Yours Truly,


Beer2OSH Bier Meister: Mike Caban



At Sunset the 1st Beer2OSH is just getting going. Note Kevin's limo/taxi in the foreground. The crowd eventually built to about 50 Beech Listers who kept conversation and camaraderie going way into the night.


Thanks to all who brought beer to share, as we had enough left over to fuel additional evening gatherings during the week.




The "Three Baron Amigos": Larry O., Cam D. and yours truly, at the 2008 ABS indoor BBQ dinner.



You really owe it to yourself to experience this fine event with the many folks who share your passion for Beechcraft airplanes.


See the Opening Ceremony we want for our Beer2OSH-II!

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